What is QuinBook?

QuinBook is your new companion in the Escape Game daily grind. The Escape Game industry is versatile and individual, unlike any other industry. We have what other management and booking systems can’t give you: more than two years of experience in the Escape Game business.

Only software developers that have been truly engaged in an industry can understand the challenges being faced every day. Put trust in our software, on which over 20 years of IT experience and the bundled expertise of Escape Game providers have left their mark.

The choice of the right management and booking system is an important decision for your company. With QuinBook, you have a professional partner at your side that understands your needs.

Escape Game Management

Is a client awaiting a phone call back from you? Is there a phone call back arranged with the client? When is a customer group scheduled to come & play? Was the team picture already sent?
Keep your overview:
  • Web-based interface on PC/MAC, tablet and smartphone
  • Daily performance summaries of individual rooms / escape games
  • Daily report with all sales data
  • Customer and supplier management
  • Slot remarks and notes function
  • Task and reminder function
  • Listing of last activities
  • Own email system with detailed delivery report
  • Team picture sent out via mail
  • VoIP-Integration
  • Weatherforecast


Make use of an optimally and fine-tuned management system for one or more escape games and even at different locations and benefit from all features for you and your clients.
Stay flexibel:
  • Manage various games at various locations at your finger tips
  • Cancel or switch bookings with a single click of your mouse, block a room instantaneously until further notice
  • Not only firm bookings implemented, but also reservations "only"are possible - even with an expiry date
  • Public and exclusive slots
  • Price system per person or for the group by date range
  • Generate flash reports on order overview and order statistics
  • Incorporate your web shop including a shopping cart feature
  • Manage campaigns and affiliate programs with ease
  • Cash disbursements are handled directly and fast via the external payment provider
  • Track and manage vouchers
  • Individual email reminders by rule editor

Staff Management

QuinBook makes an additional shift planning software, mail distribution lists or excel sheets obsolete. Your staff (Game-Masters) log their availabilities with ease, you plan their shifts with a mouse click. You achieve full transparency within a moment’s notice. Resource planning has never been more easy and more timely.
Coordinate your employees with ease:
  • Personalized software rights for each employee
  • Shift planning mechanism
  • Digital time tracking feature




Cups of coffee


Our philosophy is straightforward: A management and ticketing platform for escape games should not benefit from its clients’ revenues, as is the case with other providers.

We enable our customers by charging a monthly licensing fee only. Thus, QuinBook users work with a fixed monthly costindependent of their income and have more planning transparency.

As we believe in our product, we don’t require long term binding contracts. QuinBook users may terminate and extend their subscription on a month by month basis.

Additional benefit: no longer waiting for incoming payments and inconvenient validation of payments, as all payments will be directly transferred by the external payment provider.

158€ per month
All escape games / activities per location are included!
Excluding VAT or transaction fees with external payment providers
Included in the monthly fee are up to 5 user licenses. For additional users, separate subscriptions can be added


Forms of payment


  • Direct payment transaction with external payment provider
  • Encrypted communication
  • German based hosting
  • Daily backups
  • Many export features

QuinBook is powered by: WOIZZER AG

  • Address: Singapurstraße 5  
    20457 Hamburg / Germany
  • Tel.: +49 (0)40 2288-3232
  • E-Mail: info@quinbook.com

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